“Burgundy minks, whips with sinks in em/brocoli blown, illa disease breath, elephant skin” (Ghostface Killah)

Yeah, right. How can you match a burgundy mink? You know that Ghost has no matching problem. He’s the indisputed king. No matter the colour he can find the most shocking stuff to match and make it look proper. He’s the champ, don’t you forget it. That’s why I used his verse to introduce you this Departed cap from TLFI: this brand is the champ. All those other underground wannabees think that they do something unique… copying what others do. I mean who could have thought about a laurel wreath upside down?! This New Era 59fifty is a dream come true. How often do you see melton wool heather grey paired with a burgundy visor. I almost feel like I don’t need to say more. No, I have to actually: that 2 Tone signature with the number two and crossbones neaver ceases to amaze me every time I look at it. He’s the design champ, for sure. Take your absolute truth, give value zero to it and you are getting closer to what TLFI state of mind is. A koala is funny? Let him hold an uzi then. Surfing is hot in Cali? Let your g’d up friends and a motorbike do it too then. Sick ideas is what you can always expect from this brand. This piece is a gem. Got it? G.e.m. Strictly Fitteds posted it online a week ago. I had it in my file for a couple of months now, so I kinda lost momentum you think? No, I told you, I make the rules. A blogger should post an item before other people do to make it look fresh and to think that cool hunting makes him better than other blogs? I took this truth and as I just wrote, I gave value zero to this. Why? Because I have a better version. Plus it’s all luv with people at Strictly Fitteds, they even posted a pic of part of my collection in their Bragging Rights section. Why is this post different? I have a model. A girl that is getting her props here and there as I talk to The Maxiemillion readers. She’s skilled: you almost don’t see that the cap is way bigger than her head. My approach to blogging is the same of TLFI, that’s why I got so much love for them: we both try to make it different from the rest and to stimulate thought. Hard task, I know, but I can’t be any different and the same is for TLFI.


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