“But impostors, like commercial locks are not rastas/always fakin’ moves, never, makin’ moves” (Jeru The Damaja)

There is nothing more wack than to wear a kit. This means to exagerate with a colour. Or make an “all Stussy” rather than an “all Crooks” outfit. Show your taste, work on your freedom, mix and match and no doubt you will look better than somebody that wears a kit. I wouldn’t wear these two items together but one at a time absolutely yes. You’re facing a modern twist on two old school designs here. Santa Cruz dot logo is timeless for sure. Jason Jessee Neptune (that on this tee shirt has become Rasta God) is one of the classics of all classics in skateboard world. Second only to Thrasher tattoo and Spitfire burning head, this is forever inked under the skin of many humans with an extreme passion for old school skateboarding. Jason Jessee was a controversial skateboarder, crazier than most, loved by everyone. He paved the way to the modern day everchanging skate rockstars like Greco or Dill. I dropped three names that are extremely different one from the other with only one common denominator: unique individuals. Jim Phillips, the n.1 graphic illustrator in skateboarding is responsible for this magnificent design of the king of the sea, recently landed even on a pair of Stance socks. What is fresh in this graphic remix is the color. The infamous rasta combo is a timeless color combination.
People that hangs in skateshops just luv this, I told you when we reviewed that Matix Capital Collection tee with the bottle. And again, Adidas worked this on Chile 62 tracktop for example. Rastaman vibration is positive, word to Bob Marley. That Irie Dot Cap trucker is mad sweet too, being the part under the visor made of satin so the colour looks vivid and shiny. Stitching plays also an important part as you can see. Back to the t-shirt anyway beside the design, what makes it special is the soft feel wash and that hidden pocket. I really don’t know what you can hide in a stash pocket on a tee with rasta design, Jah only knows. Feel free to ask this question to Boardcore srl, their Italian distributor. Not before s/s 2012, when this vibrant items will be available.

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