C6 ● Packaway Tote Navy

Don’t think that this C6 Packaway Tote Navy in the hands of Sally B is a computer sleeve. It’s like saying that your car can only take you to work: it can also take you to the local bar to meet your friends and to the movies with your girl but let’s start from the beginning.

C6 is a brand from UK that made of essential design its mission. Backpacks, MacBook sleeves, iPhone and iPad cases: everything comes into play when this brand gives you the opportunity to use its items “designed for your digital life”. C6 focus is on you and the way you commute, without having to worry about your much valued digital devices.

From its Slim Backpack to the recent Pocket Backpack in collaboration with Folks, it’s not the first time this brand gets posted on The Maxiemillion. Even this item, in a different colorway, was featured already on this blog.

Packaway Tote is made of waterproof ripstop nylon and has reinforced sides and bottom. Its peculiarity is the possibility to turn this case into a tote bag or a backpack, as you prefer according to the way you commute. Think about it: you pack your backpack light for a weekend.

Once you get to your hotel and you take out the content you turn its shape into a MacBook sleeve. Now when your friends come to pick you up to go see the pictures of your last creation, you use this item as a sleeve, to protect your laptop.

And when your battery runs out of charge, what’s better to pull out your charger, that you will take out from the pocket on top, closed by a tonal zipper?!

Considering that your friends bought for you a cool hoodie, turn your computer case into a tote bag and slip your new fleece inside. Ah, the never ending joys of a C6 item…
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