C6 ● Perforated Microfibre for MacBook Pro 13″ Zip Sleeve

C6 represents an act of love. Love for yourself and therefor for the Apple devices that make your digital life unique.

All of us have a different relationship with our iPhone and our MacBook but none of us wants them to be scratched or damaged by water. Let me add: the fact that we picked Apple instead of other competitor brands also says that we care about our style. C6 cares exactly like we do, that’s why the claim of this brand is “designed for your digital life”. For the second time I have the chance to show you an item designed for MacBook Pro 13″. The first time it was the Neoprene Zip sleeve while this time we get to see in detail the Perforated Microfibre zip sleeve.

With its little holes that almost form a polka dot design illusion, this item in the hands of Elisa P is thin but effective for what concerns protection. The pull of the zipper has graphic similarity with the C6 logo that represents the cycle of Carbon 6 and this light grey / yellow colorway is only one of the four colorways available. The branding as you can see is also embossed in the corner in a discreet way, according to C6 modus operandi.

The brand from UK never ceases to amaze with designs responsive to the era we live in, where subtle items make a stronger impact. I want to tell you to keep following this brand on The Maxiemillion because soon I will have the chance to post some new material and you will agree with me about the superior level of C6.

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