C6 – MagneFix case for iPhone 6

How can we protect our digital devices and make the most out of them? Isn’t this one of the main concerns nowadays that all our life is passing through our iPhones and iPads?! C6 is aware of this, that’s why the mission of this brand hailing from London is to help you preserve in the best conditions your hi-tech toys from Apple and to improve their functionality at the same time. That’s what this MagneFix case is designed for. On the same guidelines of that MagneFix book case that we saw here last December, this accessory lets you use your phone in a typing position, like Giulia Z in these pictures where she is sitting on a table. This functionality is based on a magnetic system that locks the case in a very simple and intuitive way. Put it upside when you feel like watching a clip down and you have the reading position. Its foldable cover flap not only protects from scratches but also cleans and protects your screen when closed, thanks to the inner fabric of the cover that is a tight flock microfiber. But C6 life is also about feeling. Touch this case and its matt rubberized surface will make your fingers feel real good (and this is important, considering that we touch our phones more and more). Beside all these features, MagneFix case for iPhone 6 looks sleek and it’s also available in 5 more colorways beside this one. I don’t want to suggest to think about matching the color of the frame of your glasses but feel free to do so, just in case… Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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