C6 – Neoprene zip sleeve for MacBook Pro 13″

Welcome to a new installment of C6 life. The digital takeover by your favorite devices to “be connected” is on. There is nothing you care about more than your iPhone right? Same for your Macbook I suppose. C6 knows how you value your digital possessions so its goal is to cuddle you in a mix of protection, design and function. You may have figured it out from the last time that we saw here its Slim Backpack Canvas. Instead of designing generic cases and sleeves, C6 took a stand and decided to focus on Apple products. This one in the hands of Camilla M is a Neoprene zip sleeve for MacBook Pro 13″. Why this material? It stretches in four directions so beside its classy matte look, it’s the ideal protection from bumps and scratches (and it’s even waterproof). Put it in the backseats of your car or throw it in a backpack with no laptop pocket and you have one less thing to worry about. It fits like a glove. I’m talking about those tight gloves that make no ripples. Thanks to the features of neoprene your Macbook pro can rest safe inside a sleeve that wraps it tight once you slightly pull the zipper. Its minimal design is something that will appeal those that look for a sleek piece. The thermo glued logo in a corner is very discreet and makes it precious. As far as the color combination, what you see here is the Navy / Stone colorway but there are 26 more colorways for you to pick. Do you feel cuddled enough now? Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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