C6 ● Packaway Tote in Ripstop

Part of my job as a streetwear blogger is to put under the spotlight lesser known brands and give them the coverage that they deserve. In my field of action these last seasons I witnessed backpacks gaining momentum. So in the never-ending quest for the ultimate item to put under your attention, here is the C6 Parkway Tote in Ripstop.

I got you accustomed to C6 philosophy already, through my reviews of Slim Backpack and Macbook Pro sleeve, among others. Today we are giving a look to a one of a kind item. You have seen packable totes before probably but never ever your tote is a 15″ laptop sleeve before you unpack it. Check these pictures of Elena S and you will figure out the many options that this item offers by yourself.

It may be all you want it to be. While you can find similar items around, hardly they will reach such a level of excellence. Its combination of ripstop and sail cloth of the highest quality make this item resistant and sharp looking. Its front hidden pocket may hold a little wallet, your iPhone or an iPad while the side pocket is ready to carry your water bottle. Are you going to walk a lot? Use it as a backpack. You need to keep it handy to grab things quickly? The tote bag version is perfect for you. At the moment you don’t need anything else but a sleeve? Leave it like that, you can transform it later on…

Life can get hectic sometimes but with this help from C6 you will be the winner.

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