C6 – Slim Backpack Woven Navy Camo

C6 life is called like this because of Carbon6, “the building block of life, the backbone of evolution. The element which makes everything, everything, making life in the digital world possible”. The digital life, this evolution that turns every human with a laptop and a smartphone into a potential revolutionary. Somebody that may discover something based on a brilliant vision (and not on money like it was back in the day) and turn it into an app that means a better life for the whole planet. C6 gives a better life to our Apple digital devices; this means consequently a better life for us. Where do you want put your 15″ Macbook now that it’s time to pack for the holidays? Here in the padded compartment of this Slim Backpack Woven Navy Camo. There are a few other versions of this backpack that basically stays the same but is available in different materials. Under The Maxiemillion scrutiny we saw the Slim Canvas and the Slim Ballistic Nylon. The Woven material of this backpack is an urban dream that became reality. We are talking about a camouflage navy so subtle it’s ridiculous. It was hard to take proper pictures of Elisa C with this C6 piece because it’s very discreet and its navy spot pattern varies a lot according to the light. Pack all you want in the organized compartments of this Slim because even if you have to take a flight you can unclip shoulder straps to store them behind back mesh padded panel. All you need now that C6 has your back is my “bon voyage”. Now you are set! Pictures courtesy of Maurizio Milesi.

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