Upper Playground ● California Trees hoodie

California: a dream land to some. It’s also a place where to find marijuana to smoke is easy like to find a cool t-shirt. Recent studies affirm that legalization of such a common practice as smoking a joint with friends would generate retail sales of cannabis on the order of $3-$5 billion in California alone. For now weed is easy to find in medical pharmacies only (beside your street dealer). If you don’t eat enough, you have anxiety attacks, cramps in your muscles and a zillion of other reasons the doctor may prescribe you some medical marijuana. You buy that at medical pharmacies with your prescription that certifies that if you use or possess that substance it’s just because of your health and not because you indulge in being stoned. This state of things lead Upper Playground to drop this California Trees hoodie that you can easily cop on Double H website. Here modeled by the fantastic Claudia Chloe D this hoodie, beside the concept itself, is mad nice because of its colors. That shade of blue generates a nice contrast with that tree and that light blue handscript. And again, can you think about the power of the hilarity of a 100 dollar bill where Benjamin Franklin hides behind sunglasses his blodshot eyes?! This is a valid alternative to your twelve black hoodies. I’m kinda talking to myself now: I own a bunch of black hoodies and I shall open my mind to some colorful solutions like this to spice up my outfits. You can do the same and I’m telling you: even if it’s dope to browse Double H website you don’t even need a prescription.

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