Canesecco ● Living Legend crewneck

I hardly doubt that in such small space I can give you a recap of the last generation rap MCs from Italy. Let’s just say that, like in American rap, the situation changed swiftly (and keeps on changing on daily basis). Being streetwear tied real tight to action sports and rap music I gotta do the Bussa Buss here and… keep you all in check.

Canesecco, whose name can be easily translated as Slimdawg, is one of the shining stars that is working his rise to the top. Dude has a flawless pedigree composed of first place at freestyle battle Tecniche Perfette, beside being a guest on many important music projects and of course he has his own discography.

Recently he made a buzz in Italian underground rap when he dropped a hell of a video of his freestyle for Sto Magazine, the media that is giving coverage to the most followed cats of the Italian rap scene.

If you peep such video you can easily spot his merchandise crewneck that gets the spotlight: all white with a couple of boxes. The first says Living Legend and the second says… Living Legend in Chinese. It’s because of this video that I got in touch with his production team and I managed with the stylist Young Ida to provide some Wrung apparel for the shootings.

As a sign of friendship I got in exchange this Living Legend crewneck here worn by Elena S. Basic but blazing, this item has a juicy 90s fit. Cop it online from Canesecco Big Cartel and support the realness: don’t forget, a dawg gotta eat…

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