“Can’t you hear it in my voice, I need love bad/I’ve got money but love’s something I’ve never had” (LL Cool J)

I admit it from the get go: I’m fascinated by this name, True Love & False Idols. It’s what we need together with what we have around us. You know what’s left once your club swagger is gone, your clothing is gone and you don’t have your car under your ass? Love. What they feed us with? Imitations of singers on the radio, Big Brother on tv and smiling beauties discussing football matches among soccer players wearing ties. I state it officially: these are false idols. Enter the new brand out of La Jolla group. The newborn baby of a company whose other sons are called Rusty, O’Neill and Metal Mulisha. Filling the void on their roster of a brand that appeals to urban consumers, from hipsters to skaters and everybody in between, The Maxiemillion radar noticed that there is something about these designs that worths a mention. You didn’t guess it already? What am I schoolin’ y’all for?! Munk One, you’re right. The designer that made his first appearance on this blog on february 7th 2009, when this media against corporate brainwashing that looks like a funny blog was only 2 months old. You have seen his work here on Upper Playground designs, but there is an endless list of brands that use his gifted hand. Tribal is the main one, but even cd covers or tour posters are no secrets to our man here. So LA Woman and Urban Viking tees are straight out his hand. Ether is not only Nas diss joint for Jay Z but also this yummy tee with an excellent hand made script. Princess, is a design from Henry Lewis portraying the most loved false idol of tabloid land called… what’s her name again?! I forgot but I remember that his family has a little chain of hotels, if I’m not wrong. Who’s distributing this around here? I’m sorry to tell you that nobody is doing said job and that’s a pity but a bird informed us that Luca I infiltrated their camp. The man once responsible for international distribution of MMA related brand Silverstar (that you are already familiar with because of their denims and their tees) is now joining them and who knows that in a few months you may find TLFI tees and shirts on the shelves of your favourite shop.

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