Caparezza – Live at Carroponte

I built the reputation of this street blog on realness. “I got you stuck off the realness” Prodigy would say. I was at Caparezza live one week ago but I can’t be counted among his fans. I swear I don’t even know a title of any of his albums. To me Caparezza is the king that slayed Big Fish beat on that joint “Solo col mic” with an ill style and superior skills. Add to this that my photographer Martina O’Graph wanted to go because she is crazy about Caparezza and we had enough reason to go and check his live show at Carroponte. This artist has an impressive fanbase. By impressive I mean that at this concert there were 6000 people and their age was among 12 and 60. Not an everyday sight for me and this alone made me start to think. The name of this tour is Museica and as soon as I started to see the show I understood why. Caparezza draws a line that connects music to painting just to keep the fans entertained. He makes them laugh while he makes pass concepts in his own way. Important concepts that stimulate objectivity are way nicer when there is music to communicate. Caparezza knows this. He also knows to put up a show where he can channel his intelligence and his creativity through different costumes and scenes that serve as skits among one song and the other. So I kept on thinking during the show and I went to sleep that night sure to have seen a great show by an even greater artist. Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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