Carhartt x ’47 ● Boston Red Sox Midweight Graphic Hoodie

’47 never stops collaborating. After we had the chance to see the extended ’47 x Black Fives capsule, after the hypebeast paradise ’47 x Yankees x Supreme, here comes the milestone of American workwear: Carhartt.

2 words not to get it confused: while in Europe Carhartt has a high profile in streetwear, because of the direction its licensee WIP gave to the brand, in the US Carhartt is what it is. This means: one of the original workwear brands that helped workers build America since 1889, giving them warm and durable clothes.

Considering that Detroit and Boston are homes respectively to Carhartt and ’47, the two brands decided to create a capsule for their baseball home teams: Detroit Tigers and Boston Red Sox. Both teams seem to have two of the strongest fan base, so the two family owned brands decided to join forces and give back to the communities.

You read it right: Hamilton Carhartt founded his business that is still owned by its descendants and history repeats for ’47 whose founders Henry and Arthur D’Angelo passed the torch to Steven d’Angelo that, on a final note about this capsule, has to say: “We proudly join forces with Carhartt to showcase and celebrate the idea that hard work will always pay off”.

We start to check this collaboration with the Boston Red Sox Midweight Graphic Hoodie here worn by Klaudia P. Peep how you find here the trademark triple stitching of Carhartt items on the kangaroo pocket.

This capsule is up for grabs on ’47 website, so once you worked hard, feel free to do a style investment (at the right price) there: you are copping timeless items.
Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo.

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