Catfish – Anchor + Sailor + Cartoon + Zebra socks

Sometimes I get to show you items from the other side of the world but today I am dealing with an Italian brand whose designer is an old friend of mine. Let’s give a warm welcome to Catfish, the brand coming from the same camp that is in charge of LAB84, the beachwear brand that you saw here not long ago. Roby Igor Santini is a skateboarder OG from Ravenna, an Italian pioneer. When I met him at Profile Expo during last Pitti he told me that he was designing for this company that has more than a brand under his belt and so, after I showed you LAB84 production and even its preview for next summer, here I am giving you a panoramic vision of Catfish. We are starting from these socks but there are a few crewneck on their way to my headquarters that I will show you in the near future. Being a newborn brand you can’t see a website, you can’t click any “like” on Facebook and you can’t double tap on their Instagram (well, you can on my Instagram, just in case). Socks are becoming more and more important in a proper urban outfit and these Catfish pieces called Anchor, Sailor, Cartoon and Zebra are ready to to make you shine in a new light. Beside the cool graphics, technically speaking, its composition of 80% cotton, 18% lycra and 2% of elasthane is super smart. Cotton is in contact with the feet and the synthetic part is just outside, to make the sublimatic print brighter. Keep your feet fresh and healthy: let Catfish deal with them.

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