Catfish – Neoprene Quilted crewneck

Catfish is back to surprise you. This all Italian streetwear brand that can count in his equipe the OG skateboarder known as Roberto Santini as a designer didn’t stop and won’t stop. We first saw here the crazy socks that they produced, then a crewneck with tweed inserts but who could expect that neoprene was the next move?! In a perspective where the crewneck is an object to deconstruct and recreate instead of “just put a print on it” Catfish put his touch to it. Instead of making a mix of colors here there is a mix of materials: brushed fleece blends with neoprene but also with this quilted looking fabric. Its fit is the same of the other one featuring tweed that we saw last time but it’s completely different as far as design and colors. This shade of burgundy is very hot now so this means that you will have no problems to find a sneaker or a cap with a matching color. As far as the collar ring, the contrast black/burgundy makes it look proper. Last but not least the screen printed logo on its front stands out and looks great. Its free hand style is so transversal that it can be used easily on any garment of their collection. The company behind Catfish first appeared here with its other brand, LAB84. Being from the Adriatic Riviera their first approach to clothing is beachwear but as you can see even in streetwear they hold their own. These guys are good on sand or on concrete, you can’t go wrong.

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