Catfish – Tweed Quilted Crewneck

One day my blog seems like a diary (not by accident Blog stands for “weB LOG”), another one like a magazine but one thing is sure: it is the representation of all the different realities that gravitate in my world. I may have friends that connect me to a new brand of skate caps from California or I simply run around the corner to see what my friends from Adriatic Riviera are doing. Do you remember last summer shots of LAB84 the beachwear shorts? Well, another brand that comes from the same group of people is Catfish. Here we are talking about clean and innovative made in Italy urban garments that you can wear following your instinct, without the need to change your style but simply… improving it. Look at this Tweed Quilted crewneck that Fede V is wearing. I can envision pretty much anybody in this mens item: from the guy that wears it with a shirt and takes his girl to the movies to the guy that loves to party and goes to the club to wild out. You can make it your own but this brushed fleece doesn’t lack in personality. The cotton, polyester and viscose blend that you see even if it’s informal, it surely reveals love for precious fabrics such as the neoprene that stands on top and the tweed sleeves. The back is slightly different from the front, as you can see. You can fall in love with this Catfish piece from here to next summer (then you will quit it for LAB84 gear…).

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