“Cause I’m black and I’m proud/I’m ready and hyped plus I’m amped” (Public Enemy)

Whoa. Rico CT Cadence looks good. Real good. A collaboration among Cadence supa fixed gear brand and DVS mega company, this sleek piece of street canvas is not designed with skateboarding in mind but for your pedal time. This is part of the last DVS collection and your local dealer probably already received these in their latest delivery from Fresco distribution.
Born as a core skate manufacturer company, with the action sports invasion in street field, DVS picked up the right player here and there outside of skateboarding world to cross markets with style and they succeeded well in this goal. Are you familiar with Cadence? No? Take some time out to browse what they have posted in their website because it’s a no frills communication full of images, a few words and an overall sharp sense of humour. That sense of humour is the equivalent of my legs in a bycicle tour with The Maxiemillion, y’all already know. A result of CTC technology, these monochromatic shoes are made with screen printed canvas that will reveal a story through wear and use, becoming more interesting and unique with age. The CTC tech is a waterproof, painted canvas outer that over time reveals a story. Think about your denims. The shoes color story becomes more unique and interesting as it ages. It’s one of those discreet kicks that likes to hide in the urban jungle in the shadow of a polo mallet but most of all it’s a kick a** black shoe. All black featuring a double pair of white rivets with a black vulcanized side and a white sole . This in my language is care for details that makes an item stand out. Also available are the grey version and the burgundy one. Of course they’re all good looking but, black is black. Ask Lemmy from Motorhead. Wanna talk about it to Ice Cube? The “non colour” makes for an all round classic silouhette that will potentially appeal 360 degrees of audience. From new age punks to nerds with glasses, there is not a single reason why you shouldn’t like these kicks. D.eez are V.ery S.pecial.

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