“Cause I’m the E, I don’t slang or bang/I just smoke motherfu**ers like it ain’t no thang” (Eazy E)

Don’t say I didn’t warn you, because it wouldn’t be true. I introduced you our friend Spark the la last July and the news were alarming in a sense: Fresh Jive founder Rick Klotz starts to feel nausea from all these logos that everybody is shoveling down our throats and decided to stop. Not to stop his production fortunately, but to stop putting any logo on his clothing and accessories production. We could talk about the pros and the cons for hours. A lot of aspects are involved in this, from communication to contemporary culture but what is relevant to us, is not to Rick Klotz evidently so let’s not go further. I just want to give my nod of approval to him because I love people who dare, people who take different and dangerous paths just because they think that that is what makes them feel good. So if you venture in LA and you enter a shop called Reserve, you know that those tees with a black square and a white line as a frame are nothing but the new Fresh Jive collection. Ok, you’re busy working your ass off, your favourite shop has lame shop assistants and you’re afraid of a seventeen hours flight? Don’t panic, we got the solution once again: New School Shop through Slam Jam is now proud to offer you such a piece. There is a sort of evolution (or shall we call it a progress?) in the product range and now a product (or shall we call it concept?) like the above tee is up for grabs. 17 years old with pimples and an Iphone full of the latest flavour-of-the-month music probably have never heard of Eazy E. Does the name N.W.A ring any bells? These guys are the originators of gangsta rap. Dr. Dre, the grandmaster producer of West coast rap was part of N.W.A. together with Ice Cube, Mc Ren, Yella and Eazy E. The Game has an N.W.A. tattoo on his chest not by accident. This link among these gangsta old school rap pioneers and Fresh Jive is as simple as evident: they are radical. They both don’t care about what you think, they’re too busy doing their own thing. Eazy E is a legend that must not be forgotten and this tee is nothing but a tribute to an all time great that just wanted to f*ck the police (beside f*cking b*****s).

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