Certified – Hustla 3 tank

I can’t really tell you if the inspiration for the piece that you see here comes from Cassidy, Jay-Z or 2Pac but one thing is sure: street life and hustlers always go together like bread and butter. Do you remember the last time I told you about Shadow? My friend has a background in designing streetwear for a couple of decades now, so he knows what he is up to. He wanted to call his brand Classic an year ago but now he gave a little twist to it, since he needed a more sharp name. He opted for Certified (that is actually short for Certified Classic). This is one of the first creations from this brand that should be in shops now as you read this. The sporty style tank called Hustla 3 is crafted with a very high standard. Made of same mesh that you find in official basketball tanks, Shadow for this item showed attention to any little detail. That’s why every applique is stitched with care and that’s why braces have thick hems. The choice of colors suggests me that, if you don’t wear it with mini shorts like our homegirl Camilla M, you’d better wear it with a pair of raw denims with yellow stitchings matching its colors. A white tank like this is what is best right now. I heard somewhere that white is the new black but don’t ask me who said it, I wasn’t paying attention. I was probably listening to one of the three MCs that I mentioned here above. Hustlers just don’t care… Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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