Cheap Monday ● Rule Cracked Skull Sweat

Very rarely in the history of streetwear a brand conquered the market by storm like Cheap Monday did. Especially if you think that it all started with a thrift shop only opened during weekends.

Stockholm end of 2000, a little shop where the owners start to figure out their clientele and what the customers want: welcome to Weekend. Secondhand apparel seems to catch momentum, that’s why owners Adam Friberg and Örjan Andersson make another bigger and better move: to open another shop called Weekday.

Here beside used apparel the two start to carry new denim but in their direct observation of the requests of their clientele they notice that denim is doing good but too many customers complain about high prices. The outcome was that price point but good looking denim pants were missing and this represented an opportunity to work on.

In 2004 you have the first pair of skinny denims, in 2005 the brand develops its proposal into a full brand and in 2008 the brand gets acquired by Stockholm apparel giant H&M and the rest is history. The brand came out of its skinny denim phase and now it is shaped into a contemporary brand that you can wear over your dead body.

I’m kidding, your body is alive and kicking but “over my dead body” is the official claim of this brand part of Interjeans roster. It’s just that once your logo is a laughing skull such logo makes sense…

Giovanni G is laughing too, happy to rock this Rule Cracked Skull Sweat that is essential, mad crispy and entirely made of bio cotton. How cool is army green (a color used to camouflage) together with a shade of neon green that couldn’t be any brighter?! This raglan cut crewneck waits for you with the rest of Cheap Monday collection in every BeStandard store. There isn’t one in the city where you live? No problem: for all your online shopping you can rely on BeStandard website. Only brand new fresh apparel, no secondhand here!
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Photos courtesy of Martina Oberti

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