Cheap Monday ● Worth Polar Fleece Sweat

Let me tell you that Cheap Monday lately is catching my attention with effective solutions for a fresh style. I started to see the the Swedish brand under a new light when we first saw that Rule Cracked Skull sweat. I was even more convinced when that Goal Tape Hood with its bright yellow seasonal logo tape on arms and today I have something else that pushes the level even further.

Isn’t camouflage hot once again like it once was? Isn’t orange the best color to wear with camo, considering that deers are color blind but the hunters aren’t? Isn’t the new frontier of streetwear based on outdoor influences that see sherpa fur and polar fleece as the coolest solutions to have a contemporary style? Three yes as answers applied to this item make it an instant winner.

Worth Polar Fleece Sweat is the name of the crewneck here worn by Martina C. Can’t you figure it out worn with a camo vest that lets the sleeve show off in order to have a smashing outfit? That’s what I thought immediately as soon as I saw it, asking for this item to its Italian distributor Interjeans.

This item follows the Cheap Monday philosophy to the fullest: why pay more to have a cool garment that you can pay less with the same standard of quality? This is basically a mission that this brand based its existence on and its results (and its evolution) are here to prove it.


Let its soft double brushed fleece conquer you and take note of its details: beside the classic Cheap Monday skull as a badge on chest you have a large ribbed crewneck that gives it a unique edge.

Go to the nearest BeStandard store and ask for this item. There, in a pleasant environment, you can find Cheap Monday proposal that will satisfy even the most picky individuals whose goal is freshness for less.
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Photos courtesy of Martina Oberti

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