“Chef’ll shine like marble, rhyme remarkable/real ni**az raise up, spend your money, argue” (Raekwon)

Chef skateboards is tight. Not that the other brands aren’t, but this is something built solely on determination. Chef is a lot like those martial arts movies where the rookie learns from the master and one day gets to practice the lessons he learned in a way that makes the master clap his hands. There are actually no masters here beside the streets. These guys learned from their one and only playground all the lessons they needed. Ghostface, Raekwon & Cappa on the cover of Iron Man were in that garage, dying wallabies to give them an extra value, isn’t it? Here this group of homies give an extra value to their brand, by adding real street skateboarding tricks captured on video to the decks and tee shirts they design. I left this post as the last one of the week of three independent tee shirts coming from Milan area for a simple reason: their releases go back in time way more. This is the icing on the cake. I did a post about their boards in 2009 for the first time. Last month they had a video premiere in Milan (and more recently another one in Rome too), to celebrate the release of “Legend of the Chefs” and by the time you read this it has been posted online.This is not the latest tee shirt, but a re-release of a classic design that is nothing else than a sincere tribute to that crew that is like fuel for their skate action: Wu Tang Clan. I take pride in this because my homie DGD gave it to me, that night of the premiere in Milan. You can’t understand, it’s personal. There is so much brotherly love in this post that to pass the message to you, my beloved reader, it’s a hard task. Support Chef or my friend Serena M is ready to come at your spot and kick your ass with secret techniques. Contact DGD directly in order to have a Chef tee or a deck and if DGD is not available, just pass at Fibol shop in Milan and you too one day you could become a grandmaster if your Chef gear is proper.

Chef skateboards è una crew massiccia. Senza nulla togliere agli altri brand italiani recensiti questa settimana, i ragazzi di Chef hanno imparato dalla strada, loro unico terreno d’azione, con una sola parola d’ordine: determinazione.
La loro prima deck venne recensita qui su The Maxiemillion nel 2009. Da allora sono passate altre grafiche ma quello che affascina di più della loro crew diventata brand è proprio questo: il senso di famiglia che si percepisce. E’ online da poco il loro video “Legend of the Chefs” che ha avuto una video premiere sia a Milano che a Roma lo scorso mese (quest’ultima grazie al luogotenente Gaspare King Gasp Gentile). Tricks, spots, video parts, arrivano diretti come i calci e i pugni della nostra amica Serena M qui sopra in tee shirt Chef. Andate a vedervelo e non dimenticatevi di supportare i ragazzi anche con della vil moneta: per le loro tees e le loro tavole contattate direttamente DGD o passate a Milano da Fibol shop. C’e’ molto da imparare per diventar Chef, ma se la tua attrezzatura è a posto, sei già a buon punto.

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