Chocolate Skateboards ● Chocolate Cinema Paco Hat

There is so much to say about this cap. What do you see here? An headwear piece? Wrong! A recap of the Chocolate Skateboards golden age? Right! The video called Las Nueve Vidas de Paco is the confirmation of the actual strength of Chocolate for the industry back in the day.


A masterpiece in skate cinematography, with the wise supervision of director Spike Jonze, where Paco represents the excuse to give a spaghetti western twist to a skate video, this movie from 1995 stands out to this very day. It is basically the reason why Chocolate brought it back as part of Girl Films and Chocolate Cinema Collection, where the almighty Crailtap thought it was time to make this classic material shine.


Chocolate back then had this melting pot of ethnicities where you had Castillo and Brenes, together with Ben Sanchez and York, not to mention Paulo Diaz and Shamil Randle that made it a hell of a combination, with the whole team oriented towards clean and progressive street skateboarding. That’s why this video together with Hot Chocolate, Virtual Reality, Yeah Right, Goldfish and Mouse represent a huge value that is nice to bring back to school young skaters on their roots. I am not a young skater unfortunately but I am the greatest Chico Brenes fan ever, does that count?


Here with the help of Evelyn V we gave exposure to this Chocolate Cinema Paco hat sent in by RNG Distribution. It is a low crown snapback with the OG logo of the name of the video embroidered on the center of its front panel. Beside the custom red taping inside, you have a state of the art branding on the back with the squared red woven label that hits real hard.


Do your homework then kid: go watch that video and cop this headwear piece in a shop that belongs to RNG program. Don’t hesitate: you’re copping a classic.
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Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo

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