Christian P. Acker – Flip The Script by Gingko Press

Not all coffee table books are created equal. Sometimes you have photographic books that a skilled photographer may put together in a couple of weeks but the book that we are dealing with today is on a whole another level. Flip The Script is, to put it in the words that you can find on its cover “a guidebook for aspiring vandals and typographers”. It’s a work of research on the world of graffiti but more specifically on the part of it generically called “tagging”. What Terence Trent D’Arby was talking about in that song that went by “Sign your name across my heart…” with the difference that this book is about signing your name… on the wall. I may start from the disposable fact that this metallic turquoise on the hardcover that Jennifer N is showing you looks stupendous. Beside this, what you will find inside is a very organized guide that will get you inside the whole phenomenon of the different calligraphies of graffiti artists related to their tags. The interesting thing is that this evolution is described according to the areas where they come from, creating different style trends. I was pleasantly surprised to see familiar names such as the pioneers Taki 183 and Stay High 149 but even Eric Haze, Futura 2000, Mike Giant and Big Sleeps featured inside. The descriptive tone of Christian Acker is enjoyable and will capture your attention together with a very large number of detailed illustrations. The true passion and the deep knowledge of the author are the engine that will get you involved in this world. Ready to flip da script? Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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