Chrome Industries ● Hondo Backpack

Chrome Industries is a healthy mix of progressive design and street ready luggage solutions for the modern commuter. I am familiar with Chrome for a while now and every time it’s a new discovery.


From small messenger bags to large backpacks nothing is missing when it comes to this brand based in Portland. You have an ideal bag to carry a contract to sign and a windbreaker just in case it rains and another bag to do the most of a weekend trip that must be able to fit all you need.


Hondo Backpack with its 21 liters capacity is right in the middle, not being too large but still able to carry your vital objects with you. Made of an uber resistant chrome tarp, you can rely on the lifetime guarantee of this item against manufacturing and material defects. Its squared shape is essential but functional. Why shall it have any other silhouette when this one works perfectly for the task it has been created? If you think that this chrome tone blings too much for you I may not agree but we don’t need to argue as there are six more colorways available.


Go where you want and pickpocketers will have an hard time to put their fingers below the strap that covers the zipper of the front pocket.


Your shoulders have all the weight on them so to make their job easier the back of this Hondo is designed in an an ergonomic way to relieve stress.


How about the shoulder straps, you ask? They will adapt to your body with their removable sternum strap, not to mention that its white stripes are reflective, just like the stripe on the back.


But all you care about are your digital devices, right? You can carry both a 15″ laptop and an iPad in their respective padded sleeves.


Side pockets are ready for your bike lock rather than markers or a small can.


You can now conquer the city and beyond and if your shop doesn’t carry Chrome, just get in touch with DoubleTrouble 95 and the rest will follow…

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