Chrome Industries ● Kadet Nylon Messenger Bag

Chrome Industries knows what urban commuters need: a reliable bag that doesn’t interfere with the freedom of movement, all this without forgetting of a style that stands out. According to what you need to carry, you may need a big or a small bag. We already saw a 28 liters capacity backpack called Urban Ex Rolltop but what if you need to carry a few objects with you that don’t fit in an average crossbody bag?

Kadet Nylon Messenger goes beyond the basic set up of smartphone, wallet, keys, lighter and cigarettes. Its purpose is to offer a luggage piece that could easily carry also a folded windbreaker for when it gets cold, a sunglasses case when you switch from outside to your desk… I could go on but you get the picture. We are talking about a few essential objects that may fit in properly, avoiding a classic backpack.

Made of a tough ballistic nylon ready to withstand abuse, this Chrome item has the seatbelt buckle that is somewhat of a trademark of this brand. It makes strapping this bag around your neck way easier, let alone it looks sharp like no other messenger bag.

The strap to lock into the shoulder has reflective white outlines to make you visible crossing other vehicles.

With its padded back, that can also serve as pocket for a bike lock, you can rest assured in case you want to slide inside the internal pocket a tablet: nothing will protect it more.

If you aren’t carrying too many objects you can pull the straps on the sides to make this Kadet Messenger here worn by Michela P fit with its content.

When you look for a backpack of any kind don’t forget that you will carry it over and over so make sure it’s something that you are proud to wear, just like you would do with this item represented in Italy by Double Trouble 95.

Give a look to Chrome website to find the backpack that better fit your needs but beware: you risk to cop more than one!
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