Chrome Industries ● Modal Summoner backpack

Chrome Industries gave us its level of excellence last season, remember? From a backpack with 28 liters of capacity to a messenger bag, to a compact messenger bag, versatility seems to be one of the keywords for the brand whose agents are part of DoubleTrouble95.

With its urban edge, coming from a skateboarder background (no wonder John Cardiel and Aesthetics very own John Igei are part of the Chrome Fam), Chrome goal is to create outstanding items whose functionality is corresponding exactly to the needs of the owner. Materials and design share a common goal: being timeless, enduring the challenges that commuters meet on daily basis.

Modal Summoner backpack is part of the Modal collection whose goal is “to challenge the idea of the traditional methods of carrying everything from wallets and keys to a weekend’s-worth of gear” and rest assured that Modal won the challenge.

Starting from its straps, their reflective accents make this backpack visible at night.

This item here on the shoulders of Cristina B is the quintessential backpack that can turn into a small luggage as you can see from its shell that can split in two.

Each half has nets and compartments to keep everything in its place, from your magazines and documents to your fleeces. In case you are moving and you can’t split it, you can access to your objects opening the front zipper.

Another zipper on top lets you put away your glasses in a pocket lined to protect them.

But it’s the detail of the cinch-down straps with strap containment system that makes this backpack ready to follow you all the time, even if you are not packing for a weekend off but you just have a couple of magazines and your tablet.

On subject of tablets, the sleeve on the back is ready to carry a laptop up to 15″.

If you are tired to carry your backpack you can hold it with one of the two handles: on top or on the side.

But the question at this point is: how could you ever be tired to have it on your shoulders with such a breathable back? Did you figure out the potential of this backpack? Browse Chrome Industries website to find the next backpack that will be with you for a very long time.
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Photos courtesy of Giulia Casamenti

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