Chrome Industries ● The Welterweight Mini Metro Messenger Bag

Call it concrete jungle or urban territory but most of us revolve around the city on daily basis and, according to what we do, we need to carry with us a few objects or several ones.



Chrome Industries has showed us a couple of solutions already: in the first case we saw the Cadet Nylon Messenger and in the second Urban Ex Rolltop 28 L. The latter can go beyond commuter duties and it could be useful also as a luggage piece for a weekend trip but what if we need something among the two?



By this I mean a messenger bag that has a bit more capacity than the Cadet but not as big as the Urban Ex. Chrome has all the answers and this on the shoulder of Sara R called Welterweight Mini Metro Messenger Bag fits our scenario.



What is now evident looking at a third bag from Chrome is the goal of this brand to go beyond the flavor of the season, creating luggage items that become your own, getting accustomed to their features day after day for a very long time. Think of an average watch compared to a luxury watch that stays at your wrist for life. The only difference is that here you don’t have to drain your bank account to buy it but you have a messenger bag whose waterproof materials will endure the test of time.


With its internal pocket that is able to protect your 15″ laptop, a few pockets to keep your smartphone and your pen handy, this is an item ready to suit your needs. Beside the trademark aluminum buckle that makes wearing this item a pleasure and a few loops on the strap where you can hang your carabineer or your bike light. On subject of bicycle riding to make you pedal at night in total safety you also have an extra reflective TPU tarpaulin accent panel, beside its white lines on shoulder strap.


To know more about this brand get in touch with Double Trouble 95: its agents can’t wait to make you live the concrete jungle with a new ally.
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