Chrome Industries ● Urban Ex Rolltop 28l Backpack

Chrome Industries is a brand for individuals that don’t compromise: they need to go in every corner of the city and have a crispy image with a backpack on their shoulders. The brand born in Boulder, CO in 1977 has a mission that is more than possible: to create tough luggage pieces originally intended for bicycle commuters that look great.

I wasn’t familiar yet with this brand but the agents at Double Trouble 95 showed me a complete new world where next level backpacks are worn by ambassadors that include the all time great John Cardiel, Aesthetics team rider John Igei and OG Zoo York skater Mike Hernandez. This alone says a lot on the compatibility with city life of these precious commuter items.

Under the spotlight we have Urban Ex Rolltop 28l backpack today, here shown on the shoulders of Giovanni G. First and foremost this item is waterproof thanks to its Knurled™ welded seam construction that beside not allowing a single drop of water to pass, makes the backpack extra resistant. There is a lifetime warranty over defects in materials and workmanship.

If we give a look in detail to the Urban Ex Rolltop there are many surprising features, one better than the other. Its heavy duty abrasion resistant nylon and poly shell has a quick access pocket on top for all those items that you may need to keep handy. What if you need to carry a rolled poster or some massive object that doesn’t fit inside? Just open the rolled top and carry it with its handles. Do you pedal back home after your office hours? Its reflective webbing will give you night visibility.

Are you always carrying with you your laptop or iPad? This backpack has two dedicated inside sleeves whose bigger one may carry up to a 15″ device.

I will show you more Chrome items in the near future and you will agree with the philosophy of this brand: bike commuters do it better.
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