Clae ● Bradley Light Pink

If you think that pink is blowing up, you are right. What gave you that impression? Was it your last visit at your favorite shop where black, white, blue, grey and… pink were the only colors showing on the racks? Do you see a large amount of guys wearing pink at the skatepark like at the club?

I noticed that too and I find it amusing. In a period where wearing ripped denim seems the norm, what’s more out of step for a man than to wear pink?!

Our friends at Clae know exactly what they are doing and, with a perfect timing, they dropped a Bradley LightPink Oiled. We are familiar already with the Bradley, aren’t we? We saw its white/navy colorway one year ago and the Bradley Mid too, in its dark navy suede colorway.

Here in the hands of Ilaria A you have a fabulous pair of lifestyle shoes that can’t wait to make you the star of the show. Pink is winners material on its own, so if you go beyond the pretty color and you rock a sleek pair of shoes made of premium leather, you are twice a winner. With its neoprene heel accent you have a functional feature where beside comfort when you walk, you don’t have to unlace your flat nylon laces to slip your feet in.

With its strong carefree style that can only come when you are from California, you can count on Clae when it comes to standards destined to last. Classic doesn’t have to mean conservative and timeless designs can still be contemporary as you can see.

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