Clae ● Hayden Microgrey suede

Talking about sneakers with Clae at the center of our talk is not so easy. I have seen this brand evolve through recent seasons and its general direction is not the same path where everybody is walking now.

I should have said stomping, instead of walking, because with the recent wave of chunky sneakers it’s hard to be elegant putting your feet on the ground.

I see Clae as a purist, a brand that can see the trends come and go but it is too busy creating lifestyle sneakers that last, instead of being the “flavor of the month” sneakers. This brand is mature but… you can have fun wearing a pair of its sneakers. My point today is explaining you why Clae is so relevant among all footwear brands.

Let’s start with an essential information: your sneakers are probably made of something that looks like leather but it’s not. The most en-vogue sneakers are made of synthetic leather. They tell you that your shoes are vegan, that eco leather is more resistant and lighter but there is a huge difference. Premium leather looks great. Checking closely a pair of sneakers made with premium materials, there is no deconstructed design or utility silhouette that can compare.

You have to touch and feel your shoes. Think of them as something built to outstand the test of time. I still wear Clae sneakers from three or four seasons ago because once you make your own rules, you don’t need to play “the fresh game”.

Give a look to the rich suede that this Hayden is made of, together with ballistic nylon panels, and tell me if it’s something average. If you look carefully you can see that it also has a leather lining that makes it precious.

Its running inspired silhouette gets a subtle 3M detailing touch that makes it reflective, just like most sneakers of the latest wave.

Check the detailed Hayden tech sheet on Clae website and don’t miss this opportunity to be current and timeless at the same time.

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