Classic – 90s Star hoodie + Keepers snapback

If you think that you already saw this hoodie, you are slightly wrong. You have seen this design not long ago but it was actually a crewneck. It’s safe to say that the color palette of this Classic outfit is drastically different from the other one so it doesn’t even look like it’s the same design. As far as the Keepers snapback, it’s embroidered on both sides. On the right you have the “Stickin’ to the script” claim and the Classic logo with the C in the triangle on the left. 90s Star hoodie has a quite unusual cut. In these pictures of Camilla F you can see better the actual 90s fit of this hoodie. Forget those slim fit fleeces that are filling the shelves of every shop nowadays because Classic stays… classic! Check the first picture and you will find a couple of ventilation holes under the armpits. Not a common sight nowadays. This brand truly wants to offer you an alternative to what looks modern and à la page. Stuck in the golden age of hip hop and happy to be there, the vision of Shadow will meet the expectation of B-boys that can’t wait to rock some gear that makes them travel in time to that period. Like back in the days, this hoodie has a thick state of the art felt applique that looks like one of those garments that you would have seen at a Jeru The Damaja live show. So this is the deal for all you Golden Age lovers: think anything else and ya playin yaself.

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