Classic – Keepers satin varsity

Varsity jackets are everywhere. Even denim pants are, but you don’t confuse the good ones with the bad ones, right?! Here there is a fine piece by Classic, the Italian rookie of the streetwear scene. It ain’t hard to tell that with such a name, Classic is not here to give you the same flavor that everybody is trying to copy but a hip hop inspired lifestyle in the truest form. With an eye for research like a few others, when I discussed this piece with Shadow, the designer, he told me that the inspiration for this Keepers satin varsity comes from those Kriss Kross jackets that they were rocking in Jump video. It goes without saying that the need of this brand is to go back in time to save those pieces that made you feel good and give them new life. The concept behind these Keepers varsities is there for you to see on the sleeves of Chiara P and Riccardo B: True Skool Keepers. Are you a defender of the hip hop faith? DJ Premier is like a messiah to you? You know every single word of Nas Illmatic? This jacket is for you. The fine work of embroidery that is here under your eyes makes this piece a must have, whose limited edition is your guarantee that it will be very hard to find around another of these varsities. Classic is starting to progress as far as communication too: when I first reviewed it last season, it didn’t even have any social network. Not anymore: now you can check this brand on Facebook. Ready to click “like”?

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