Classic – Tommy crewneck

How comes that you thought that you should conform when you dress in street style? Streetwear represents the freedom to do what you think is right. It’s a way to express what are your interests and if, like most kids do, you dress to conform to what your friends rock or to be part of the group, you are missing the point. You’re faking the funk. Here comes Classic, a brand that is all about realness. Staying true to the hip hop movement that made him the man he is today, founder and CEO Shadow wanted to celebrate his roots. Back in the 90’s no hip hop event was safe from this tri-colored flag that you see on this crewneck called Tommy. It’s not the same exact flag, this one worn by Selda P is a sort of tribute. No matter who was there and where was the event, the casual wear brand that had this flag as a logo was really loved by anybody and to rock a piece from that brand simply meant that you were down with East Coast hip hop. A thick crewneck and a solid print are here to dare you to treat this garment as bad as you can and nothing will change: it will remain the same, exactly like Shadow after all this years. Classic is new to the streetwear scene, only having a couple of seasons under his belt. Give it some time to let the circle of its fans grow and you too will find yourself wanting to represent the good ole classic days of boom bap (even if your friends don’t care…).

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