“And I stick to the script, that’s my advice so live/eat ni**a, let it stick to your ribs” (Jay Z)

When a brand is called Classic and its claim is “stick to the script” everything is pretty clear from the get go. This young cat Marco Carrer aka Shadow spent the early years of his youth getting involved in hip hop and writing. I met him all the time when I was used to go to this temple of hip hop called Palladium, close to Vicenza. Later on he got fascinated with clothing design and nothing could stop his interest in what concerned his two main passions. Young and humble, after he got more and more skilled with cut and sew, he thought it was about time to start a new venture. The time is now as I am showing you today the first pieces to come out of his lab. Bada$$ Jersey and Classic Trucker are here to give you a taste of what his vision is. With all these urban brands lacking in flavor and trying to appeal everybody, Shadow wanted a strong hip hop feeling for his brand. Hence the “in your face” approach of this basketball jersey, made of a camouflage pattern. The trucker has a hybrid shape among the classic trucker and the 5 panel cap. The jersey is designed with a man in mind but as you can see, even girls like our Marghe L can rock this item as a short dress. With letters perfectly stitched and custom taping both in the jersey and in the cap, what I have to say is that Classic is up to a good start and I’m pretty sure Shadow will get along nicely with the code of the streets.

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