Classic ● Bada$$ Jacket + Affiliated snapback

Classic like you had KRS One teaching you hip hop or classic like Redman stage diving, you know that this brand is strictly connected to realness. Here we are, at the second installment of the great adventures of Classic, the brand that is born and developed by the almighty Shadow. It’s all in the name: the concept of this brand is to create timeless apparel inspired by original hip hop and to keep alive its raw impact in a slightly more modern style. The need to belong to a movement that doesn’t change much with the years is evident here. The first time we got in touch with this brand it was to bring home a lesson on hood camouflage, this time we stick to another classic color palette that won’t be out of fashion next season: black, white and red. Remember that the claim of this brand is “Stick to the script”? As you can see there are no animal or floral prints here but a Bada$$ black satin varsity jacket and a black Affiliated snapback. You could have found a similar style on NWA first album cover or on Chuck D on stage in his prime dressed like this. Here we don’t have leaders of hip hop posses but the awesome Nadia R to wear this Classic outfit. This brand is so new that this can be considered a preview if you think that only a few selected stores are carrying this brand and there are no Facebook page or website up yet. Just don’t forget where you saw it first then…

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