“Manhattan keeps on makin’ it, Brooklyn keeps on takin’ it/Bronx keeps creatin’ it and Queens keeps on fakin it” (KRS One)

It’s all in the name: Classic has mad love for classic styles. The newborn baby in Italian streetwear with a penchant for golden age hip hop is here today with a couple of bangers. Knee deep in this culture since his prime, designer Shadow thought about a way to give respect to the five boroughs of New York. He kept on hearing in rap lyrics Brooklyn and Bronx when he went to Palladium disco, when I saw him there all the time, 20 years ago. Do you remember the first time that we met this brand? It was with a camo tank similar to these two. It’s about time to show off now and what a better way than a good ole tank?! These jersey pieces are part of the first batch of production that ended up in Shadow hands. The designer of this brand has been in this industry for a while so he knows how to design a top level item: it’s all in the details. These are tanks that, as you saw in that other Bada$$ tank, have custom internal taping with the name of the brand and even an external branding with that squared label and with the Classic C in the triangle. There are several ways to rock these pieces: if you are a girl it can be a dress (and I truly recommend it: my homegirls Alessia A and Franci R look amazing here, isn’t it?!), but you can also rock this if you are a boy. Or better yet a b-boy.

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