“Clean, dry, was my body and hair/I threw on my brand new Gucci underwear” (Slick Rick)

Lorenzo F from Blast! distribution a couple of weeks ago promised me what you call a gem, without saying anything more . He’s a big fan of the old World Industries era so I thought he was talking about the re issues of said period on new Almost and Blind designs, but I was wrong. His working ethic must appeal to his suppliers, or better yet to Hubba wheels, to a point that they made a custom serie of wheels for Lorenzo’s company. Could you think of something like that, let’s say ten years ago? The good ole uncle Sam, giving props to the land of spaghetti, pizza and mafia? Not really, but here we are. Hubba, one of the top skateboard wheel company of this planet is so happy about what is happening around us, that they decided to give Blast! a wheel. A really good skateboard wheel, if I may add. Braydon Szafranski may use this wheel if he feels like pimpin his Baker ride. Or maybe it’s not happening, because sales of this wheel are limited to Italy only. I’m pretty sure that a few of these may sneak under his deck if he wants. This wheel made out of classic white urethane of the finest quality is basic and functional as any skater wants. With its wide contact area, its graphics play on that motto that says “Grass is always greener on the other side”. If we go crazy for whatever American brand we may like, from Crooks and Castles to Polo Ralph Lauren, our American friends here are fascinated with the huge impact a famous stylist from Florence, has on their culture. Hence the need to smile about it with the pattern that has been copied, bootlegged and transformed a zillion times and adapt it to the side of their wheel dedicated to the good job of Lorenzo F, Luca B and the rest of their tight crew. This will be the ride of choice for sure of Blast! team riders. Did you know that local ripper Daniele Fenili, recently got his rolling needs satisfied by Hubba? What a pity that to present this wheel, there has been no official party in our area featuring their infamous Hubba girls

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