“You start poppin’ your fingers and stompin’ your feet/and movin’ your body while while you’re sitting in your seat” (Master Gee)

Rest assured: Damien Bernadet of Close Up is not lacking in passion. The same passion of a musician that plays a violin, struggling to have a Stradivari because he knows that with that violin he will let you hear music of the best quality ever. I got real close to our man in a period where we worked together and we became real friends. He explained me that there are two techniques in finger skateboarding: the fake and the real. The first is when you consider your fingerboard a toy and you use your fingers to do weird things and you smile at your friends, pretending you can ride. The second is the same technique that you use to ride your skateboard, simply applied to your fingers. The man behind Close Up has been finger skateboarding for around 20 years, then he understood that he could rely on nobody but himself to perfect the crafting of his small scale skateboards. G 5.1 in the top corner left of the box stands for fifth.1 generation of finger skateboards. The obsession for detail is major here as you can find actual bearings inside these wheels and the rip tape is gentle to your fingers much more than grip tape is. Open the box and put together these little pieces like it was a real skate and get stoked on how precise any detail is. Get in touch with him to get one of these pieces shipped directly at your place but if you think big you may even have your own collaboration custom serie like Converse Skateboarding did.

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