“Blastin shae shae, chocolate shortae/rich color mocks, rock those all day” (Ghostface Killah)

We all know that Fresco Distribution stays true to its name by doing a continuous research among everything that is available to make you look… fresher. Norhtern Europe is the area where their cool hunting took place in order to discover in Sweden the newcomer of the street wear game known as Colourwear.

Bringing us the heritage of a culture rich in design, they are the definition of what you call a “lifestyle brand”. Friends come from every path of life to influence Colourwear vision of style, no matter if they are artists, athletes or designers. After I browsed their website I have no doubt: their collection is clean and intriguing.

When I received this CLWR Varsity Jacket that Fatima K is wearing, I wanted it to test in a very hard condition: a grey afternoon. Everything can look good on a sunny day but to make a difference in a gloomy day is not so easy. Look at the pictures and you will agree with me: the color palette of this vivid red together with grey sleeves and applied hoodie is sharp.

With its terry cloth embroidery logo on the front and with its tight and longer fit this cannot be mistaken for one of those generic cheap pieces that you see everywhere nowadays. A fleece college jacket that you can also use like it was a zipped hoodie, this item is ready to be your ally when you are out having a good time and looking good is a must.

Isn’t it what Colourwear is all about?!

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