Cons – Pro Blaze Plus Hi leather

It’s the first time that I post a pair of Cons on my blog and sure I’m up to a good start. There is a natural connection among Converse, California and skateboarding. Cons, the skate division of Converse is making a name for itself with a diverse team of stylish skaters like Kenny Anderson, Eli Reed, Zered Basset, Louie Lopez and the veteran Jason Jessee. This means skate rippers on any terrain. If you go back in time, Converse has a skate tradition like no others. When I started skating around 87 I could flip through Thrasher magazine and see Christian Hosoi full page ads with a claim that said “Every artist needs his canvas”. Starting as a matter of fact from the basic Chuck Taylor, the collection evolved with time to fulfill the needs of skateboarders. Here in front of us there is a preview that will be available starting from next month. Its name is Pro Blaze Plus Hi leather. It is already available on Converse website but not yet in this colorway. Made with a strong yet smooth black leather, the automatic appeal of its silhouette is undeniable, but there is more. Its reinforced toe will make your Pro Blaze mid last longer and its midsole will keep your feet comfortable and protected from impacts without compromising sensibility. Its design is conceived to support your ankles but if you love them to be free, just wear these Cons a bit unlaced without the straps. Your skate action will find an ally in this pair of shoes (let alone the improvement of your style…). (Audio System Get Together by House of Marley)

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