Copson – Sky High socks

What you know about “Sunset sensations”? This is what you get if you peep Copson “About us” on their website. I have the pleasure to know Copson before it existed. It’s the brainchild of Maria Falbo, this UK girl whose passion include pastel tones, tropical moods and skateboarding, in no particular order. Maria got exposed to everything in street fashion, hailing from a place called Manchester. After she moved to London she felt the need to push forward her dreams with the help of Lydia Garnett and Natalie Davies. It’s around that time that she made that collaboration with Eastpak that we saw here in 2012. Now in 2014 things evolved for better and her concepts keep on surfacing. These Sky High socks have their name from that bar of Jim Jones “We Fly high” that says “Stay sky high, fly with the stars (triple! triple!)”. No it’s just me, Maria never thought this, I’m sure. She just noticed that a couple of cocktails made her laugh and when she had more than a couple she felt… sky high. It must be something like this. Or maybe not, but here all that matters is a fly pair of socks that have a style of their own. With this solid jacquard working, designs and logos do not fade when the socks gets stretched and the fact that you are the only one that can see them on the sole of your feet, gives a ninja style to these pieces. Never sip a Martini at sunset without your Sky High socks from now on.

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