Crep Protect ● Pills + Spray

Are your sneakers cleaner than before after my last two posts? This 3 days special about Crep Protect that I’m having here culminates today in an Outkast style: so fresh and so clean.

We started this overview on Crep with the Towels two days ago, yesterday was the turn of the Cure cleaning kit and today we are about to put the icing on the cake. Don’t you own a special pair of sneakers that were hard to get and you are super proud of? Are you a basketball player that puts his kicks to hard work every time you hit the court?

Now you can work on the level of freshness of your sneakers with these Pills. Just twist them, drop them inside and you are set. Pills absorb moisture, kill bacteria and eliminate odour leaving a fresh fragrance.

It seems that for what concerns the fresh part we are set, but how about the clean section?

Crep made a name for itself because of its research on nanotechnology that made possible the realization of a premium product. Crep Spray leaves an invisible coat on your shoes that turns them into super shoes. It’s not by accident that this water and stain repellent became the leader in its category and it’s now available in most sneakers shop all over the globe. Follow this tutorial on how you should apply correctly this spray and your sneakers will be the envy of your crew, word by RNG Distribution.

Now check on YouTube the presentation video that I made to showcase all these items with the help of Sabrina M and Nico A with the brilliant editing of EmaNema.
Pictures courtesy of Maurizio Milesi.

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