Crep Protect ● Wipes

There is a fantastic world that not everyone can see. Some people have two or three pair of shoes and keep on wearing them until they’re worn over. Then there are those that have sneakers fever. Those urban individuals that always find a good reason to have a new pair. It may be the latest collabo of those skateboard shoes, the basketball pair that they use to hit the court, the lifestyle sneaker to walk in comfortably, the latest ultra tech kicks to go jogging… the list goes on.

With so many pairs of sneakers, ready for every occasion, the least that you can do is to put good care to each and every one. Good news are that now, thanks to Crep Protect, you can do it at the utmost level. The British brand that RNG Distribution is in charge of for Italy developed a whole range of products that can keep your kicks clean in any situation.

Today we give a look to the Wipes. Designed for a use on the go, it’s the little sachet that even sneakerhead should carry in his pocket “just in case”. Someone steps on your feet, some cream drops from a cake and your day is ruined. Not anymore!

These Wipes that Sabrina M and Nico A are using to exploit the full potential of these sneakers have two sides: one side softer for general cleaning and a rougher side for those tougher stains. Its metal box contains twelve of them so it should last you a long time.

Check back tomorrow because today I start with a 3 days special on Crep. I foresee a clean future for your sneakers…
Pictures courtesy of Maurizio Milesi.

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