Crooks & Castles – Bandito t-shirt by Frontline Apparel ltd

Let’s make one thing clear for all you newcomers: Crooks & Castles is in love with the Medusa way before you had that Migos tune in your iPod. Even way before Riff Raff was Versacing everything in sight. I’m talking about 2002, when this brand with illegal life references took the market by storm. The new aesthetics made the world look at this Californian brand in amazement and Crooks & Castles lived in good health to this day. That Medusa went through countless changements but it’s always good to see it around. It gives a sensation of funny and wealthy at the same time. This Bandito tee that Camilla M is wearing is not your average white tee. As a matter of fact its black print looks flawless but it’s the touch of class of the sleeves that gets my hyped about this item. Since the beginning one of the claims of this brand has been “Can’t stop the Crooks” and here you have it in two labels stitched to each sleeve. You can wear this tee actually in two ways: in streetwear circles where your t-shirt will make anybody stoked and in other places where people are not familiar with these concepts. You may trick them into thinking that there is a new brand that bought Versace or some stuff like that. Don’t worry if your lies are too big: a Crook can’t be stopped. Ask confirmation to Euro distributor Frontline Apparel Ltd. or to its Italian agent SRD Distribution: they will be down with my plan… Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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