Crooks & Castles – Cocaine & Caviar crewneck by Frontline Distribution

Crooks & Castles revolves around the good life, a lavish lifestyle where you live in an imaginary castle with the revenues of years and years of crook life. Who didn’t trip at least once on: “What if I was him…?” watching that Scarface movie. Crooks is the representation on clothing of Tony Montana state of mind. The love affair among The Maxiemillion and this brand goes back to 2009, when I first reviewed a couple of its t-shirts. Now it seems that, thanks to the European distributor Frontline Apparel Ltd. there is a love comeback, through this sweet Cocaine & Caviar crewneck. Its Old English font is dumb nice, considering that this kind of writing is in its best moment ever, thanks to the Street Goth trend that used this font without hesitation. The concept of Cocaine & Caviar is easy to understand: it’s a representation of the above lifestyle. With this said, I invite you to take notes on its two words that start with the letter C, exactly like the name of the brand itself. As far as the fleece that Natali I is wearing it’s very smooth and I bet that with its color you won’t find it difficult to wear it all the time: you hardly will make any mistake putting together an outfit. Frontline agent in Italy is SRD Distribution so next thing you should do is to plan a visit there to get all the Crooks & Castles that your shop needs. My suggestion, knowing the people that work there, is to leave the cocaine at home but to bring with you first quality caviar. Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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