Crooks & Castles – Sovereign 59fifty cap by Frontline Apparel Ltd.

Crooks & Castles has a unique attention to detail. Being myself a Virgo, I am fascinated by the little things. If you add to this, the fact that I always loved caps since I was 17, you can figure out for yourself how much I’m proud to talk about this Sovereign 59fifty cap. Beside the love of this brand for the New Era standard of caps called 59fifty (I have seen so many Crooks New Era fitteds through the years it’s ridiculous), here there are a few key factors that make this cap a superior piece. Its minimal design is one. Minimal in its outline that is out of the ordinary but not so “in your face” like other pieces from Crooks that you may have seen, this style has been out for a while as a snapback but recently it has been adapted to the standard of the cap known as 59fifty. Another killer factor of this piece that Nadia R is wearing is its color. This plain heather grey can get along with any outfit of yours, even if you put it together with your eyes closed: nothing looks out of place with this color. The third detail that stands out is the cross on the back. Far from looking like a religious symbol, it looks more like the icon of a noble family. You can’t go wrong with Crooks and its “robbing hood” philosophy: the brand distributed by Frontline Apparel Ltd. all over Europe (its agent in Italy is SRD Distribution) doesn’t need to steal styles from other brands.

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