Crooks ‘n’ Castles ● Betta Have + Squad

“Dealin’ with bi***es is the same old song, They only want you ’til someone richer comes along,
Don’t get me wrong, strong black women, I know who’s who so due respect I’m givin'” represent my state of mind correctly. Good ole Jeru comes handy sometimes. Probably you were expectin the cliché “…cause ain’t no such things as halfway crooks, scared to death, scared to look” but the point is that Mobb Deep probably inspired the name of the brand, but not the “bi***es special” that I got in stock for you here. The brand whose flagship store is located at 8021 of Melrose avenue in LA, litterally blew up in the last 24 months. They started from being an underground brand sold mostly online or in ltd edition stores. Step by step they got themselves a place on the map, conquering a spot in the crucial LA shopping area up to now, where they’re available even at Selfridges in the UK with Diesel jeans hangin on the back of the table where these dope tees are. Nothing to deal with good ole Italia, where Crooks & Castles is distributed exclusively through Vibrarecords own Fabio L. It seems that this is nowadays among the top five streetwear brands. Being from LA, a place where a good amount of this female race resides, they produced these two designes that revolve over female figures of women that would do anything not to be killed (yellow tee) and anything to please you (white tee). Probably the designer is a man. If you feel offended, get yourself some Nikita or some MTTM gear. One thing is sure, even Club Dogo in their latest video “Sgrilla”, revolving around these females, rock Crooks not by accident…Stay tuned for a future review of Vans x Crooks collabo, courtesy of Exit Manchester.

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