“Crosstown beef be like crosstown traffic, thick/brothers be on some real shit” (Medina Green feat. Mos Def)

Stohead and Irie Daily. It seems like we’re talking about Eric Sermon and Parrish Smith: they do business together. You know when business is related to art like in their case it’s even better. Here it’s the same. Double H sent in this bunch of tee shirts and this made my day. Stohead worked for big names in the business (are we allowed to say Upper Playground and Carhartt in here?) and it seems like his hometown of Berlin is where he hangs. What do you do when you are a skilled artist in the graff field and you live in Berlin? You end up designing a whole bunch of tee shirts for Irie Daily. Beside the first one with the original logo by Jaybo flipped by Irie Design lab, all the other ones are Stohead designs. For this time he left complex 3d and typography alone and he kept it simple. To say it all, he even “kept it hood”. This stuff is evidently related to the roots of the designer. Ape Piaggio anybody? What do they know about it in the States? They may have route 66 but no route 36 and, sorry to be repetitive, any Wu Tang head like myself thinks about the first Wu album when he sees the number 36 around. Crosstown traffic? They may say what they want on Irie Daily website but for me that is straight out of a Medina Green joint that killed me (and you too probably) when the golden age of hip hop was making us feel alright. Another reference to four star quality music is in that Soul food tee shirt. Don’t you know that Goodie Mob joint that goes by that name?! Oh, you only heard Cee Lo from Goodie Mob for the first time when every radio in 2006 was broadcasting Crazy? The thing that stands out from this Irie Daily selection from their endless collection ot tees is fun and respect to the culture that made the designer what he is today. I love to laugh a bit and when the laughing is not silly but motivated by thoughts stimulation it’s the best. It seems that our new friend Stohead schools us and Irie Daily is our new favourite institute. You never felt the urge to go to school like today, am I wrong? Do your best then, after school there is business to do.

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