CU4TRO ● Ninja

This is the final post of the three days special about CU4TRO and of course I kept the icing on the cake for last. After we warmed up yesterday with the Norris and two days ago with the Stunner, we are ready to get familiar with the Ninja.

Never like now sneakers have become a crucial part of the outfit. Footwear has always been important but nowadays even more. We start to think how to get dressed after we decide what shoes we want to wear and this style gives you endless possibilities. The urban luxury that this military-inspired, extra high-top boot represent will never be unnoticed. Attention to detail and an impressive design that juxtaposes a modern outsole with a clean, classic design of a boot are the elements that turn this shoe into a masterpiece.

Check closely the branding on the tongue: very little embossed silver letters are the way to define a superior product that does not need to be on everybody’s mouth, but rather a rare gem that you have to look for to be unique. CU4TRO relies on the strength of its flawless design. Beside its patented technology called Fourmula® that provides unmatched comfort (and lasts 3 times longer than an EVA sole) makes the difference.

Check Ninja detailed technical sheet on CU4TRO website and you will see four more colorways of this style. Once you decide which one is your favorite, feel free to pass by YouTube to check the “making of” edit where Paola T gets filmed by Ema Nema Photo.

CU4TRO is on a new level: you should react accordingly.
Pictures courtesy of Maurizio Milesi.

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